Driving Instructor Training Courses in Merton, Sutton and South West London 

There are several reasons why you may wish to become a driving instructor. We enjoy driving, teaching and helping pupils to reach their goals. However, in addition to a passion for driving and teaching, our driving instructor training courses are especially suited to anyone searching for a job. 

If you are experiencing unemployment and finding it difficult to move forwards in an alternative career path, then becoming a driving instructor might be the perfect job for you.  



Why train to become a driving instructor with us?




You will be learning from the very best – our instructors who have themselves achieved the top teaching grades.

Therefore, they know how to ensure you pass the driving instructor test as efficiently and expertly as possible. 




We believe in value for money, which is why we price driving instructor training tuition in manageable blocks that you can take at your own pace or fit around family and work commitments.

There are no up-front costs, and no wasteful classroom sessions. All instructor training consists of high-intensity, one-to-one sessions in the car.





Driving school in Merton, Sutton and South West London 

Take our free one hour long aptitude test today

Good Luck Driving School believe in quality, not quantity, which is why we won’t accept any candidates onto our driving instructor training course until they’ve been through a free, hour-long aptitude test. This allows us to see how you are driving and give you an estimate about how long it would take for you to train and how much you would need to improve by to become a qualified instructor. 

If you pass, you know that you have what it takes to train to become a driving instructor in London today. 

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Guaranteed job as a driving instructor with us after passing

As well as training you to become a qualified driving instructor, Good Luck Driving School can guarantee that you receive a job with us after passing.  However, if you would rather set up your own business instead of working for our company, we can also help. 


If you decide you would like to be self-employed, we can help you with...

promoting your business 

providing valuable insight into the business world

setting up your business


       Driving school in Merton and Wimbledon



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